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Phoenix Inmate companion

Providing rehabilitative materials, resources and mentors to federal inmates with a mission of reducing recidivism

The Phoenix


Phoenix Prison Companion provides a newsletter to inmates that is impactful, interactive and helps inmates develop a path to staying out once they get out.

We are currently only in the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) but as we grow and get more established we will spread to state institutions.

In our newsletter, The Phoenix, we offer motivational, informational and self help articles, relevant news, parenting in prison features like jokes for their children, card tricks they can show their children at visits and much more.

As a former BOP inmate, I have a unique perspective and ability to provide them with the same kind of materials that allowed me to turn my life around and live the kind of life I always knew I was capable of.

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Phoenix inmate companion

life coaching for inmate

Phoenix Inmate Companion is proud to present a new way to help inmates on the inside stay free when they get on the outside.

I've already had a great response from Life Coaches out there who are willing to donate some time to inmates who show they're willing to put the work into changing their lives.

If you're interested in working as a Life Coach for hard working inmates, watch the video and send me an email at

how to get involved

1. GET THE PHOENIX NEWSLETTER -Have your loved one in the BOP using Corrlinks for email send a request to and newsletter will start from issue one. We'll send an issue every day until they get caught up and then they'll come out once a week.

2. USE OUR EXPERIENCE TO HELP NAVIGATE YOUR WAY THROUGH THIS TRYING TIME - Go to our youtube channel here and watch videos that we've done for families with incarcerated loved ones. We at Phoenix Inmate Companion understand that you do time with your loved one and so we include content that is designed to help you be able to manage making it through this experience without going crazy.

3. JOIN THE TEAM  - We are building a network of former inmates and families of inmates who want to join our team and give inmates the tools they need to use their time in wisely. We're also looking for people with course materials that are willing to donate their content and allow us to reformat it and send it in to inmates in prison.